5 Valuable Garrett ATX Pro Features + Product Comparisons

garrett atx pro

The Garrett ATX Pro Metal Detector is Garrett’s most versatile and advanced all-terrain detector. With 11 DD search coils, it can detect treasures deep beneath the surface. This Garrett metal detector is perfect for treasure hunters who want the best performance in all environments. The Garrett ATX Pro is an excellent choice for more experienced … Read more

The Best Coil for GPX 5000 | Our Top 2 Picks

the best coil for gpx 5000 metal detectors

Choosing the right coil for your search can often determine whether you find success or not. Read on to find out the best coil for GPX 5000 metal detectors to help you locate more gold faster. On average, DD and Concentric coils tend to be favorites among detectorists for many reasons. Both coils types offer … Read more