17 Rockhounding Tools To Find The Best Gems & Agates Faster

rockhounding tools

With the right rockhounding tools, you can find gems and agates more efficiently. And the faster rocks with potential are uncovered and examined, the more opportunities there are to score big. The chance of finding a gem or agate lures rockhounds outside again and again in hopes that the next rough, dull rock will turn … Read more

The 11 Best Crevicing Tools To Have When Gold Prospecting

crevicing tools

Crevicing for gold can be very profitable when done correctly, which may wonder what crevicing tools are best for procuring gold with this method. The right combination of tools and good techniques can expedite the prospecting process and increase your success rate.  Generally, gold crevicing tools and kits will include the following items:  Digging and … Read more

5 Portable Rock Crusher Options For Gold Prospecting

best portable rock crushers

Portable Rock Crushers are machines and hand tools meant to crush rocks into dust to find ores such as gold. Previously, many prospectors had to painstakingly wait for gold easy to obtain gold from the streams and rivers that washed up through erosion and other natural means.  So using a rock crusher today helps expedite … Read more