8 Gem Mining Kit Options For Best Results & Sifting Paydirt

Gem mining is a fun and exciting hobby or profession. There are many gem mining kit options to choose from, but which one is the best for you? 

In this article, you’ll find helpful information about eight of the best gem mining kits available.  Keep in mind, using additional equipment like metal detectors or other gold prospecting tools like pans and sluices can benefit your gem mining efforts.

Below you’ll also find information about which tools are necessary when gem mining, sets for river sluicing or digging, and kits that include paydirt!

What Is Gem Mining?

Gem mining is the process of searching for gemstones in streambeds, pits, the ocean, and even paydirt. There are various ways to search for gems using dry digging, open cast mining, tunneling, and river sluicing. 

What Tools Do You Need for Gem Mining?

The equipment you’ll need to start gem mining varies depending on your chosen mining method. Basic methods of gem mining may only require shovels and buckets; however, it can be laborious and time-consuming. Dry and wet panning involves metal detectors and prospecting tools like pans and sluices. 

What Is The Best Gem Mining Kit?

This post features eight excellent options for you to start gem mining. Several kits on the market today are great for gem mining. If you want a complete kit, review the options that include equipment like metal detectors and other prospecting tools. If you’re looking for a basic kit with just the essentials, the following option is a great choice.

8 Gem Mining Kit Options For Best Results

Keene Cyclone Wet or Dry Gold Pan & Mining Kit

keene cyclone wet or dry gold and gem mining kit

This Keene Cyclone Mining Kit is perfect for both dry and wet mining. You can find gold, diamonds, and much more when you go wet or dry mining. 

This process uses sieves to sift through the dirt as the primary way to find gems. You can put these sieves directly into the water and sift through silt, clay, and dirt to find valuable treasures. 

Minelab Pro Premium Panning Kit

Minelab Pro Premium Panning Kit

The Minelab Pro-Gold Panning Kit is another excellent option if you need to sift through a lot of material and dirt to find gems. This kit is perfect for beginners and comes with many different tools to help you get started.

The Minelab Premium Kit Includes:

  • 15″ Dual Riffle Pan
  • Hex-Mesh Classifier
  • 10″ Single Riffle Pan
  • Dropper Pipette
  • Panning Instructional Guide
  • Carry Bag
  • Snuffer Bottle
  • Iron-Separating Magnet
  • Storage Vials
  • Double-Loupe Magnifier (3×, 5× magnification)

panning for gems

You never know which tool you will need handy while prospecting and gem mining.  Having the right tool available can make a world of difference when sifting and handling large amounts of materials.

Plus, finding gems and other treasures often requires capturing fine pieces that prospectors can quickly lose without the right equipment.

XP Gold Pan Premium Kit

Premium Gem Mining Kit

The XP Gold Pan Kit is perfect for all ages, and you will not be disappointed when you sift through dirt or water with this kit. This kit comes with a convenient specimen vial, and everything is easy to handle.

The XP Gold Pan Kit is a gem mining kit that comes at an affordable price, making it perfect for parents who want to get their children into gem hunting or other gem mining activities.

INCLY 15 PCS Geology Kit

Geology Rock Kit

The INCLY gem mining kit is specifically for digging and rock chiseling. This kit is ideal for:

  • Gem mining
  • Rockhounding
  • Rock Collectors
  • Treasure Hunters
  • Geologists

gem mining tools

This gem-finding equipment is perfect if you already own a detector or want to get started with gem mining without buying tools individually.  This gem mining kit includes everything but the metal detector:

  • Hammer x 1
  • Rock chisels x 3
  • Musette bag x 1
  • Shovel x 1
  • 3 in 1 Whistle x 1
  • Jewelers Loupe x1
  • Cleaning Brush x 1
  • Wooden chisels x 1

Stansport Mining Kit

Stansport Gold and Gem Mining Kit

The Stansport Mining Kit is a gem finding kit that includes collection vials, a shovel, and a pick. This gem mining equipment is perfect for beginners.

It is a modest kit, leaner than the others on this list but is still a valuable option with great reviews. If you want a more budget-friendly option that you can use right away without purchasing other equipment, this kit is for you. 

INCLY Rockhounding Digging Kit

Rockhounding Digging Kit

The INCLY Rockhounding Kit provides the essential tools necessary for rockhounding, digging, and gem mining.

This geology tool kit includes:

  • Hammer x 1
  • Rock chisels x 3
  • musette bag x 1
  • 3 in 1 Whistle x 1
  • Jewelers Loupe x1

Although this is a  smaller kit, it is perfect for beginners and gives you a good selection of chisels to use in the field. This digging kit is a top choice for geologists, prospectors, and minders because of its durability.

Rock Hammer Mining Kit

Rock Hammer Mining Kit

The Rock Hammer Mining Kit is an excellent option because it has everything you need to get started in gem mining. This gem mining pack is perfect for beginners who are just getting started in gem hunting and do not have the money to spend on individual tools.

This kit includes the following tools:

  • A durable musette canvas bag
  • A pick hammer
  • LED light magnifying glass
  • Three-piece chisel set

gem mining kits for kids

This six-piece set makes an exciting gift for those just starting in gem mining. Beginners can learn to find and identify gems with this budget-friendly set.

Sluiceboy Prospecting Gem Mining With Paydirt

Gem Mining KIT with paydirt

The Sluiceboy Gem Mining Kit comes with paydirt to ensure exciting, fun, and immediate results. The Sluiceboy set is a complete gem mining kit and gives you all the equipment you need to start and guarantee results!

This kit includes the following equipment for you to start right away:

  • A classifying screen 
  • Gold Pans
  • Identification charts and other gem mining handouts
  • Paydirt
  • Snifter Bottle

gemstone paydirt kit

This gem mining kit is great for kids, as it includes paydirt with plenty of fine gold.  The larger bag options include bigger nuggets and pickers!  Additionally, the identification chart adds to the fun as the kids can work to identify what they find in the dirt. 

Gem Mining Kit Summary

There are several quality gem mining kits for novices and professionals at affordable prices.  Selecting a smaller kit or one with paydirt is best for entry-level prospectors or geologists who only plan to hunt occasionally.

The kits on our list can help ensure better and faster results as each one is a quality set.  Plus, many of the options include a guidebook with tips and training material to plan for a great gem mining experience.