#1 Shovel For Metal Detecting | Best Overall, Beach & Budget Options

While metal detecting, a quality shovel is a must.  A shovel for metal detecting is different from standard spade and garden shovels. Without quality equipment, you stand a chance of wasting time or not recovering the treasure at all.

Using the right shovel for metal detecting can help you find items much faster and avoid pushing valuable targets deeper into the earth or not finding them at all.  

Unless you are at the beach, using a spade or shovel while metal detecting must be able to cut through roots, hard dirt, packed clay, as well as rocks and gravel.  Standard shovels are not as effective, costing you time and possibly fewer finds.

What’s The Difference Between A Shovel For Metal Detecting And Normal Shovels

The best metal detecting shovels and spades are high-quality equipment specifically designed for narrow digging.  A shovel for metal detecting is made from durable steel to ensure easy digging in the most difficult of terrains. 

The ordinary spade shovel is for light use around the house or garden.  The best shovel for metal detecting options has saw-like teeth on the sides to cut through roots, compact dirt, and obstructive material.  

Unlike typical garden shovels, metal detecting shovels are slim and narrow; they can easily slip past or work around rocks, gravel, and stones.

With a shovel for metal detecting, you can experience less fatigue, save time, and recover more treasure.  Plus, these shovels have a lightweight design that allows them to be easily transportable and easy to carry.

The Best Shovel For Metal Detecting

In this article are metal detecting shovels based upon your needs.  You will find shovel options based upon three criteria: best overall, budget, and beach.

You will need a good shovel, maybe two or three, depending on the areas you dig in. The great thing is, no matter what budget or terrain you need a shovel for, there are quality options available. 

Best Overall Shovel For Metal Detecting

If you are digging in areas that have the potential for rocky terrain, hard dirt, compact clay, or contain tree roots or other debris, you need a versatile shovel.  You need a shovel for metal detecting with sharp edges, serrated edges, and a narrow design built for cutting through various obstacles.

Root Assassin 35″ Shovel For Metal Detecting

T-Handle Metal Detecting Shovel

The shovel is made with alloy steel for maximum strength and durability. The shovel’s head has a row of saw-like teeth on each side to help cut through roots and thick clay.

It is a more compact shovel and is easily transportable. It also comes in 3 different sizes to pick what is best for you and your needs: 35″, 32″, & 48″.

ROOT ASSASSIN Shovel For Metal Detecting

Eliminate unnecessary strain and struggle and get to your target faster with this metal detecting shovel trusted by thousands of verified buyers with over 2000 ratings and reviews.

Best Heavy-Duty Shovel For Metal Detecting

Lesche Relic Hunter Shovel For Metal Detecting

Lesche Relic Hunter Model 38 Shovel

The Lesche Relic Hunter shovel is the ideal heavy-duty option for metal detecting and digging. It is a versatile shovel that can be used as a saw, hatchet, or pry-bar if necessary. The all-steel manufacturing from top to bottom ensures durability to last you a long time.

Shovel Specifications

  • Weight: 4 lbs
  • Blade Width: 51/4
  • Blade Length: 111/4
  • Overall Length: 38″

Lesche Shovel For Metal Detecting

The compact length of this shovel is suitable for traveling and or spending lengthy amounts of time searching. The shovel features a sharp edge that makes digging through the ground like slipping through butter.  The serrations on the opposite side make cutting through roots and debris almost effortless.

Best Budget Shovel For Metal Detecting

If you are a beginner in metal detecting or have a smaller budget for supplies, these shovels are perfect for you!  They are also dependable and durable, despite the lower price range. 

These shovels are perfect for those on a budget while still painting the quality and durability necessary for digging. A shovel is an essential tool, and you need to ensure it’s worth the money. 

RedCamp Folding Shovel

best budget friendly metal detecting shovel

This shovel is highly functional and can meet the demands of most digging scenarios.  It is foldable and only weighs 2.55 lbs., with a carrying bag for easy transportation. The REDCAMP is our best budget shovel for metal detecting because of its versatility and quality.  Don’t let the price fool you; this shovel is made from heat-treated #50 high-carbon steel.  The thickness of the blade is 1.55 mm. 

folding shovel for metal detecting

Because of the intelligent design of this shovel, you can use it for a variety of purposes:

  • Digging
  • Sawing
  • Hammering
  • Shoveling

Depending on the terrain and need, it can be used straight or at a 90°angle as a shovel, hoe, pick, or saw.  Because of the high carbon steel, you should have no fear of breaking or damaging it. 

Best Metal Detector Trowel

SE Prospector’s Choice 12″ Serrated Edge Digger

metal detector trowel

The SE Prospectors Choice metal detector trowel has multiple edges with serrations to make digging in rugged terrain as easy as possible. 

This trowel is made from heat-treated carbon steel for extreme durability and strength. It also includes a sheath that can easily attach to a belt to carry and access it.  

The trowel length is 7-1/2,” and the overall length is 12″.  It has an oversized comfort grip with a slip-guard to prevent accidents and injuries. 

Serrated trowel for metal detecting

You can also buy this trowel as a set with other items, including gloves and a 5X zoom magnifier.

SE Prospector's Choice trowel for metal detecting

Best Metal Detecting Sand Scoop

Digging and searching at the beach requires a different set of tools. You aren’t going to find hard clay or roots that you need to cut through, but you will need to sift through many layers of sand to find your treasure. 

CKG Sand Scoop

CKG Sand Scoop for Metal Detecting

The CKG Sand Scoop is the best metal detecting beach scoop for easy digging and sifting targets quickly.  It is made of stainless steel for maximum strength and rust resistance.

This sand scoop picks the sand and your treasure up while allowing the sand to sift through, leaving only the desired items in your scoop. 

The CKG Sand Scoop costs $89  due to its material, heavy-duty strength, wear-resistance, and lightweight features.

metal detecting sand scoop

Made of anti-corrosion stainless steel and weighs 1.76 lbs.  It also includes a top hole to easily attach a pole to avoid bending or kneeling.

Metal Detecting Shovel Brand Category Price
Root Assasin 35″ Shovel Best Overall $55
Lesche Relic Hunter Shovel Best Heavy-Duty $86
RedCamp Folding Shovel Best Budget  $22
SE Prospector’s Choice Trowel Best Metal Detector Trowel $19
CKG Sand Scoop Best Metal Detecting Sand Scoop $89

Final Thoughts

No matter your budget or terrain, having the right shovel for the situation can reap great treasure-hunting benefits. Metal detecting shovels are versatile equipment that can make digging so much easier.

Use the list and the links above to get the shovel that is right for the job and improve your metal detecting experience immediately!

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